April 2018 Newsletter

Good afternoon beautiful guests. I've decided to wait with the April newsletter, as this long Easter weekend not many people read emails, so we are a few days behind April fools day, nonetheless, here goes... hee hee It might be the day of jokes and...

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March 2018 Newsletter

LEADING YOUR TEAM TO GREATNESS Positive change ensures growth however it can often feel like an uncomfortable process and to be honest is often a scary experience. Dismantling old beliefs takes courage and strength. There are so many positive changes...

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February 2018 Newsletter

As we all know, February is the month of LOVE. Celebrating love is key to retaining relationships, and indeed strengthening them. Whether this celebration is with a partner/spouse/friend/family member, the key is connecting on a deeper, soul driven level....

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January 2018 Newsletter

It’s 2018, and boy did it start with a bang! We opened the spa on the 3rd of January and we can’t keep up with the bookings, hence the late newsletter. And let’s be honest, reading emails hasn’t been on anyone’s priority list, what with the holidays and the sweltering...

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December 2017 Newsletter

As if by magic, the silly season is upon us. Shops are busier, Christmas music can be heard everywhere you go (except at Woodlands Spa hee hee), and most of all people seem jollier than at any other time during the year. I always love this time of year, everyone is in...

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November 2017 Newsletter

The end of the year can feel like the final few miles of a marathon, with your body and mind yearning for a break from the daily slog. In an effort to boost my energy, I am reading Dr Ela Manga’s book, The Energy Code in which she gives great guidance on identifying...

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October 2017 Newsletter

Summer means beautiful, quenching, life-giving rain. Where, after the first rain, we start to see just how nature thrives, the season of just surviving is over. So, how do we translate that into our own lives? Have you ever wondered how some people seem to succeed in...

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September 2017 Newsletter

Spring is probably the most magical time of year – new beginnings and all, so I was wondering why this season is called ‘Spring’. Well, back in the 14th century, this time of year was called 'springing time' because of the plants ‘springing’ from the ground, over the...

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August 2017 Newsletter

In case you've been living under a rock (for over 60 years) you know that, because of those butt-kicking women who pioneered South Africa’s womens' movement towards freedom and equality, we celebrate Women's Day in August. During this month in 1956, nearly 20 000...

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July 2017 Newsletter

Winter has a bad rep – possibly the most hated season for most of us born in the Southern Hemisphere. Every winter we start the traditional rant about the long, dark, cold days. The winter solstice, the year's shortest day is luckily behind us. The chilly season has...

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June 2017 Newsletter

In nature, Winter is the season of rest, where everything appears frozen and dead. Yet, in reality, these months of slumber are preparing for the blossoming of Spring. Winter is also a time for reflection and stillness,where we are called to look into our depths in...

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May 2017 Newsletter

I sincerely hope every one of you had a wonderful April with all of its holidays. Considering the frantic pace at which we’re living these days, I can’t help but wonder who of us takes a breather every once in a while to assess our wellbeing. I’m not talking about...

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