September 2019 Newsletter

Spring is in the air! Aah Spring, we welcome you. Moving closer into the glorious summer months, means that we can shed all the old energies, making space for the new, it’s a new beginning. Although not as noticeable as the weather we, as spiritual beings, need to...

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August 2019 Newsletter

Speak your truth – but be kind Our words have the power to sever or serve relationships. Read that again. Do you remember the saying, “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you?”  Yet, we, as emotional and spiritual beings, are not...

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July 2019 Newsletter

Boundaries are a part of self-care. They are healthy, normal, and necessary.” ~Doreen Virtue It’s July! Before we get into what I want to share this month, let’s start with our promotions. We have an incredible “Christmas in July” promo running this month. We are...

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June 2019 Newsletter

It is almost the first of June and officially the start of winter. This month I would like to focus on healing, especially energy healing.  Keeping your mind, body and spirit healthy can ward off the nasty winter illnesses. Reiki, Aura, and Body Memory Reiki is a...

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May 2019 Newsletter

With Mother’s Day coming up on the 12th of May I wanted to write something not many people talk about:What no one tells you about motherhood.The best parents, are those without childrenAs we enter the month where we celebrate motherhood, it is important to...

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April 2019 Newsletter

This year has been one of the busiest since we opened, and that means that I have been working non-stop, not that I’m complaining. I love what I do, I love helping people heal, and feel pampered. What this does mean however, is that leading and training my team has...

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March 2019 Newsletter

Can you believe how quickly this year is going? It’s March already, and I sure feel like I need a vacation, but more specifically, the more rare occurrence, the holy grail of vacations, dare I say it? The MomCation!So-called MomCations have been making...

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February 2019 Newsletter

Ah, romance. Nothing gets the heart fluttering like candlelight, flowers and the sound of sweet nothings. We love it so much we have a day dedicated to celebrating all the love in our lives – Valentine’s. Valentine's Day is one of those celebrations most...

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January 2019 Newsletter

As we head into 2019, it is usual to make New Years’ resolutions, yet I think this should be deeper than making promises to go to the gym, lose weight, blah blah. I like to review what I’ve achieved, what I want to achieve, and what I would like my legacy...

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December 2018 Newsletter

We all know the end-of-year feeling: you’ve had a long month at work and just want to cry due to pure exhaustion, so you end up eating ice cream, drinking that bottle of wine and then feeling ashamed for not being strong enough / good enough / tough...

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November 2018 Newsletter

It’s November – or rather Movember.  Are there still a lot of guys doing this?  I hope so! I LOVE this month, it’s hot, it’s beautiful, and people everywhere are just in such a good mood. This months newsletter is short and sweet! Working around the clock...

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October 2018 Newsletter

Well, three quarters of 2018 have flown by, and with only three months until the end of the year, we need to push through.  At least it's summer so we aren't cooped up under a ton of blankets.  Finding motivation at this time of year can seem almost...

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