March 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

Did it ever stop being March?

Our calendars tell us it’s March once again, but our emotions tell us that March never really left us.  March 2020 is when the entire world was plunged into unprecedented times with the onset of Covid.  The most fortunate members of society were able to work from home, bake sourdough or banana bread and use Zoom to socialise. The less fortunate were either forced to work on-site, endangering their own health, whilst the hardest hit were those who lost their jobs, homes, and livelihood.  It’s been two long, hard years, but the end is in sight. I think there are plenty of reasons for hope this March 2022!

For me, March is  magical as I celebrate my son’s birth. The birth flower of March is the daffodil – a symbol of hope – which my son has surely been in my life. He is a friendly and easy-going Piscean. He is highly intuitive and has a heart of gold.  I am truly blessed that this blossoming young man calls me ‘Mom’.  He has taught me that no matter what life throws at us, or how unfair we think it is, we can never give up and always pick ourselves up and go on. 

“Remember that guy that gave up? Neither does anyone else.” – Anonymous

I saw this quote the other day that tickled me because it was so true. I find it fitting that the author is Unknown. Such a simple, sad, true, and thought-provoking viewpoint.  People do not remember the person that made it 90% of the way, they remember the few who stuck it out that extra 10% and achieved their goals. Do you envision greatness? Then never, ever, give up on yourself, no matter how many obstacles get thrown in your way. They are to test you, they are to strengthen you, and they are to make your ultimate success that much sweeter, because you kept going when you could have, much more easily, thrown in the towel.

My philosophy is that when we’re feeling hopeless, we must listen to our natural in-born response:  A good cry! We are taught that crying is for the weak, that we must buck-up, be positive, and carry on.  Then why do we have the ability to cry?  It has been proven to reduce stress by reducing stress hormones.

Another proven way to reduce stress is to socialise, so we are running an unbelievable promotion this month. Book any 90min massage and only pay for a 60min. So bring your friends and enjoy this wonderful promotion. 

Remember, self-care is your right so take the time to focus on your needs, have a good cry, and be gentle with yourself and those around you.

Love, Tania

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