January 2020 Newsletter

January 2020 Newsletter

2020 is both a New Year, as well as a New Decade. What happened to the year 2000? Can you believe Y2K was 20 years ago?

Results or Resolutions?

Do you believe in New Year Resolutions? Or should I rather ask:

Do you believe in making them?

My New Year’s resolutions are about what I want in life and then setting the intentions for it.


Throughout December I was on Deepak Chopra’s 21-day Abundance challenge. 21 days of meditating abundance. One thing that’s for sure is that I now believe more than ever in the Law of Attraction.

This year, I am focusing on living an abundant life. Believing that everything I need will flow to me with ease and almost magical timing. No more feeling like I have to fight for every little thing.

This is what I have learnt on this journey:

First, I thought about what an abundant life would look like. Abundance means plentifulness and it implies that there is more than enough for everyone. Enough of everything you can ever dream of – love, success, happiness, wealth, joy – the list is endless.

Wayne Dyer says: “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into”

So, how am I going to tune in to abundance this year you ask?

There are many mantra’s you can repeat daily with your meditation practice that I spoke about in my December 2019 newsletter.

A few of my favourites:

“I’m on the way of a positive day, full of Love and Prosperity”
“Today, I embrace my potential, to be, do and have whatever I can dream”
“Today, and every day, I give that which I want to receive”
“I move through my days, light-hearted and carefree, knowing all is well”

Another is committing to attending yoga, at least one session every week. I know there will be many obstacles on any journey that you have set your intention on, that is just the way the universe works.

One of the many obstacles with most things in life, is FEAR. For most (including me) there is this fear of success or even fear that we don’t deserve abundance and happiness. These set limits on our lives. One thing I have learnt this year, it is that courage, despite my fears, lines up all the energy in the universe to sweep in and help in any fearful situation. To rein in my fears by only focusing on the present moment and giving it my best, makes every situation after that flow with ease and grace.

Whenever you feel that feeling of fear creeping in, sit quietly and focus all your attention on the task at hand. Let go of everything past and future that may cause worry. In time, this practice will bring you calmness and lead you back on your path of abundance.

You will be amazed how quickly the universe jumps in to aid you and help you on your way. No more wishing and worrying, believe that all the opportunities and resources will come into your life if you allow space for them to flow to you.

Another way of living a life of abundance and flow is by clearing all your blocked energy in your body. Why not take advantage of our Reiki promotion for January which includes a 60 min full body massage and a 60 min Reiki session for only R1000. Save R200.

Another thing most people want in life is JOY – so for January I have decided to give a 15% discount on our JOY Experience. It includes the following: 45 min back massage, 60 min facial and a 30 min express hand or foot treatment. (includes 30 min hydro session and light lunch)

Normal price: R1250. Promotional price if you book 2 or more people is R1062.50 per person.

Wishing you a January filled with the flow of abundance. May you tune in to it every single day. You deserve it.

Love, Tania

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