April 2024 Newsletter

April 2024 Newsletter

Navigating Relationships with Consciousness, Capability, and Self-Care

Change of season always makes me reflect on what is important, so as we embrace the change and welcome the month of April next week, I’m inspired to share with you a reflection on the importance of cultivating capable relationships.
After attending the TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) Module 1 training in March, I’ve come to recognize the profound impact that self-care and holistic wellness practices have on our connections with others.

During the training, I delved into the transformative power of TRE®, experiencing firsthand its ability to calm the nervous system, release tension, and promote overall well-being. Through this journey, I’ve come to understand that true wellness extends beyond individual self-care to encompass the quality of our relationships and interactions with others.
In the world of modern relationships, there’s a prevailing craze for finding conscious companions who can empathise, understand, and connect deeply. While consciousness is indeed valuable, there’s another equally important trait that often gets overlooked: capability.

As we strive to cultivate meaningful connections and friendships, it’s essential to find individuals who understand our struggles and have the practical skills and willingness to support us when it matters most.
The journey of healing is an integral part of our lives, marked by moments of vulnerability, resilience, and self-discovery. It’s during these times that having friends who are not only conscious but also capable of walking alongside us becomes paramount. They offer more than just empathy and understanding; they provide tangible support, guidance, and encouragement as we navigate life’s challenges.
But what does it mean to be both conscious and capable in relationships? And how can we cultivate these traits within ourselves?
Cultivating Consciousness:
Consciousness lays the foundation for empathy, understanding, and mutual support in relationships. It’s about being aware of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as those of others.

To cultivate consciousness:
Practice active listening: Truly listen to others without judgment or interruption and strive to understand their experiences and emotions.
Foster empathy: Put yourself in others’ shoes and validate their feelings and experiences, even if you may not fully understand them.
Communicate openly: Express your needs, boundaries, and expectations clearly, and encourage others to do the same.

Embracing Capability:
Capability goes beyond just understanding; it’s about taking action and offering tangible support to those we care about. It’s being reliable, resourceful, and proactive in our relationships.
To embrace capability:
Develop practical skills: Hone your organisational, problem-solving, and emotional support skills to better assist others when they need it most.
Be reliable: Show up consistently for your friends and loved ones and follow through on your commitments to them.
Offer practical support: Look for opportunities to help others with tasks, projects, or challenges they may be facing, and be willing to go the extra mile to support them.
Integrating Self-Care:
In addition to consciousness and capability, self-care plays a crucial role in fostering healthy and fulfilling relationships. Taking care of ourselves allows us to show up fully for others and maintain our well-being along the way. One powerful practice that supports self-care and enhances our capability and consciousness is Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®). TRE® helps calm the nervous system, release tension, and promote overall well-being, making it easier to navigate life’s challenges and support others in the process.
By prioritising self-care, stress reduction, and emotional regulation through practices like TRE®, we not only enhance our well-being but also enrich our relationships. We become better equipped to show up as capable and conscious friends, partners, and companions on the journey of healing and growth.

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As you seek to cultivate meaningful connections and relationships, remember to prioritise practices that support your own wellbeing and enhance your capacity to support others. Together, we can create relationships that are grounded in empathy, understanding, and mutual support, enriching our lives and the lives of those around us. Join us this April as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

With love,

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