September 2020 Newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter

A breath of fresh air!

We have, over the last 5 months, been on the Corona-Coaster, and now that Level 2 is here, I’m feeling a renewed energy.  Spring is an awesome season to breathe a renewed sense of health and well-being.  The term ‘Spring Clean’ is about more than just tossing a few clothes out of your cupboard, it’s about a full body and mind cleanse too.

We are living through a pandemic, where fear and confusion have been rife.  Businesses have suffered, people are suffering, but as a Nation we are tough, resilient.  To be honest, I had a few moments where I couldn’t see the end of this nightmare, where I felt locked in.  Not only due to the Covid pandemic, but by the sheer enormity of this period in our history. 

When I was feeling low, I took a few deep breaths, and I immediately felt better.

To thank you for your unwavering support, I have three promotions this month:

Reiki Reflex 90min energy healing session for R700 – save R100

60min pedicure and a 45min back massage with a light lunch served on our deck. 

Ozone therapy – 20 minutes for R300

Last month, I spoke about inflammation and pain, so this month I want to share something with you.  Ozone Therapy has been proven over and over again, to not only eradicate inflammation, but to strengthen the immune system.

Woman and Home (August 2019) discuss 15 benefits of Ozone Therapy   

  • It’s 100% natural and chemical-free, which means it helps to detoxify and cleanse the system by stimulating the sweat glands without putting strain on your internal organs
  • It’s also effective at detoxifying the lymph system and cells in your body
  • It helps to rid the skin of environmental pollutants, leaving you looking radiant
  • It eliminates and oxidises toxins in the body
  • It helps to boost the metabolism naturally – thanks to the heating and sweating
  • Ozone Therapy oxygenates haemoglobin (your red blood cells) and strengthens your immune system (your white blood cells)
  • It improves blood circulation, mineral absorption and heart function
  • Ozone tightens and firms the skin by breaking down cellulite, burning fat and excess sugar
  • It neutralises acidity in the body
  • It helps to boost energy levels
  • It prevents premature ageing
  • A few sessions can help to relieve stress, anxiety and brain fog
  • It helps you to sleep better
  • Ozone therapy kills degenerative diseases, viruses such as colds and flu, and harmful micro-organisms
  • It helps to fights herpes, and treat infections and bronchial problems

We have added new delicious and wholesome items on our menu, new massage beds, and we’ve spruced up our changerooms.  We have been busy making our spa more beautiful and beneficial for you, our guests.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Love, Tania

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