September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter

Spring is probably the most magical time of year – new beginnings and all, so I was wondering why this season is called ‘Spring’. Well, back in the 14th century, this time of year was called ‘springing time‘ because of the plants ‘springing’ from the ground, over the following centuries this term was shortened to what we know today as Spring.

This season brings a feeling of renewal and transformation, and is the perfect time to refresh yourself and your life.

Every morning I like to start my day with this 2-minute exercise which, I find, centres me and helps me start the day on a positive note. While you have your tea/coffee ask yourself these questions:

  1. What am I proud of in my life?
  2. What am I grateful for in my life?
  3. What’s great about my current situation?
  4. What can I do today to improve my life?

Some mornings are easier than others, and when I can’t actively think of something to say – the answers just spring (see what I did there?) into my mind. I find doing this exercise deeply nourishing and reassuring.

When the weather is dry like it is at the moment, with all of those little pollens flying around, our sinuses can feel dry and are more likely to become inflamed. Try having ginger tea every morning, as ginger helps eliminate mucus freeing your lungs and sinuses from congestion.

Gingerol, the bioactive substance in fresh ginger, acts as active agent that counteracts infections, it can actually halt the growth of numerous bacteria.

Simply grate 1cm of ginger root into a glass of hot water. You can also add half a lemon and a tiny bit of honey for additional taste.

In this month’s newsletter I want to focus on the benefits of massage. The human touch can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing.

Sure, massage is relaxing, but it helps a host of physical and mental aches too; it eases muscle pain, increases and improves circulation, soothes anxiety and depression, improves sleep, boosts immunity, and relieves headaches.

It counteracts all the sitting you do, desk workers beware, postural stress shows up as pain or weakness in the lower back, shoulders and neck. Luckily massage can counteract the imbalance caused from sitting, which means you can keep your desk job – as long as you schedule a regular massage.

I hear you say: “I don’t have time”

How many times have you heard that? How many times have you used that?

“I have no time” means simply “I prefer something else”. Usually it isn’t a conscious decision.

This is true of meditation, but this is even truer about your health. If you don’t give time for healthy practices now, you will give time to sickness down the road.

Imagine the long term results and immediate change will be easier.

So now, do you have time for a massage this month? I’m sure you do. Remember that we are open 7 days a week, with new opening and closing hours for summer. Starting from the 1st of September we are open from 7am till 6pm.

If you really want to boost your health, please join our 21 day Spring Cleanse on Facebook.

I will be posting daily tips, recipes and cleansing rituals for you to follow at home to get yourself back on track after winter, and of course there will be little give-aways along the way.

Spring is proof that there is always light after dark, life after hibernation. May you always look at the bright side of life. Happy Spring!

Love, Tania

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