October 2023 Newsletter

October 2023 Newsletter

Springing into Renewal and Growth

Hello dear Woodlands Spa community!
As we embrace the delightful bloom of spring, so too can we open ourselves up to growth, renewal, and rejuvenation. The days grow longer, flowers begin their delicate dance, and we’re reminded of the power of beginnings and the promise of new possibilities. I came across this article: 10 simple ways to work on self-improvement  and I’ve taken a few points that I think are important to highlight.
Plant the Seeds of Intentions
If we view our ‘self’ as a garden, the intention to grow and improve can only come to fruition once we’ve planted the seeds.  Nurturing, watering, and tending to these seeds of intention will ensure that we are able to feed our souls. Set clear intentions for the upcoming months and nourish them with positive actions and thoughts.

Embrace Change
Change is the essence of spring. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, whether that’s trying a new treatment at our spa or picking up a new hobby. One of the biggest hindrances to growth is stagnation, which is largely driven by fear – so challenge yourself.

Daily Reflection
Spend a few minutes each day in introspection. What made you smile? What did you learn? Keep a gratitude journal to remind yourself of the small joys.

Physical Movement
Spring is the perfect time to re-energize your body. Start with a morning stretch, a brisk walk in nature, or join one of our yoga classes.

Connect with Nature
As the world around us awakens, make time to be in nature. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a picnic, allow the fresh air and beauty to refresh your spirit. The benefit of grounding yourself by walking on grass barefoot cannot be overstated.
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Inspirational Quote of the Month: “Spring shows us that after the darkness of winter, there is light, growth, and a fresh new beginning. Similarly, within us lies the power to renew, refresh, and blossom.”
Stay inspired, rejuvenated, and let’s spring forward with positivity and purpose. See you soon.

Love, Tania

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