October 2018 Newsletter

October 2018 Newsletter

Well, three quarters of 2018 have flown by, and with only three months until the end of the year, we need to push through.  At least it’s summer so we aren’t cooped up under a ton of blankets.  Finding motivation at this time of year can seem almost impossible.  As December approaches, there is often pressure to finish (or even start) all the things you haven’t quite gotten around to doing. Not to mention the added stress the holidays can bring.

I definitely feel it, I am tired, everything feels like a mission. The heat we have experienced doesn’t help much either, fortunately there are many things you can do to prevent feeling burnt out by your end of the year to-do list. These are a few things I have written in my journal, that I will be doing for the next month, why don’t you try it with me?

Schedule some “me time”
End of year celebrations are starting (or at least being planned), some of our children are having their matric dances, there are deadlines we feel we need to achieve before the year is out.  All of these have-to-do’s take away our much needed ‘me time’.  To prevent feeling worn out, you can recharge with some scheduled ‘me time’. I am going to put aside 30 minutes a day to read a good book or taking a walk around sunset to take it in and bask in the quiet.

My exercise schedule has become a low priority this last month and I can feel the effects.  I have picked up some weight, not by eating more, but by neglecting my exercise regime.  Exercise is the first thing that takes low priority when life gets busy, for me personally, because I have not always been an active/sporty person. So I have to force myself to do it. This month I am going to make sure I attend my personal training sessions twice a week, and will make a point of taking my kids for an afternoon bike ride or just a walk.

We all know the recent research and benefits of meditating and mindfulness practice, it can actually alter your brain in a way that will reduce stress, it gives you a chance to connect to your body and focus on the present. By slowing down and taking a moment to acknowledge your inner feelings, you can clear your mind for the day ahead. I always start with meditation, keep it up for two or three days, then skip a day, then a week goes by, and then I have to start all over again to get into the habit of doing it daily. So for the next month, I will really make an effort to do at least a 5 minutes meditation daily. There are plenty of beginner’s guides to meditation on YouTube for you to try.

It’s easy to feel productive when we are constantly engaging with our electronics, but often they only distract us from the things we really want to achieve. Spending extra time on our devices, especially on non-work related items, outside of working hours, prevents our brain from relaxing and recharging. I am always answering emails, doing payments, etc after hours, which I have made a concerted effort to stop, or at least slow down. I have slowly started not opening my email app after hours, and it really helps, so for the next month, I will continue doing work related things only on my laptop during office hours, and not from my phone.

October is always a beautiful month, with the rains (hopefully) starting and everything slowly turning green again.

We have some fabulous promotions lined up for the next 3 months, they have all been loaded on Instagram and Facebook as well as the Woodlands Spa website.

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Hope to see everyone for that much needed ‘me time’ at the spa this month.  And remember, you are stronger than the end of year drag – try my tips, and together we can make it through to December.

Much love,

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