November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter

I love this time of year!  Summer is here, which for me means a renewal of energy.  Shrugging off the last remnants of Winter.
I don’t want to keep harping on about Corona, as I too am getting Corona fatigue, but I do need to say that since Level 1 I feel brighter, lighter and most definitely happier.  Not only are the constraints lifted, but I have learned so much about myself and my family during this time.
Taking time out is crucial to self-care, taking the time to actually listen to your soul, feel your emotions, and meditate on where you are is not only important, it can be life-saving. Last month I wrote about being kind to yourself, and this is an extension of that train of thought.
Renewing the bond you have with yourself is the driving key behind your success and overall wellness.  This means taking time out of our busy, sometimes insane, lives, and returning to self in order to renew and grow.
I am a perfectionist and I love to be in control.  If I lose control, I feel like my world will spin out and crash.  What I’ve learned though, is quite the opposite, if I don’t relinquish some control, I will become a husk of myself and I will not be able to survive.  Ignoring the signs of stress and fatigue will lead you into a downward spiral of depression and anxiety.
I’ve realised that I need to rely on my family, friends, and the Woodlands team to give myself some much-needed
downtime, during which I will recharge and take the time to just think and be.
I realised that I can’t do it all and that even though I am Super Woman (perhaps only in my own head) I need to ask for help.  Well, I have been.  I sent a prayer out into the Universe asking God for a manager who is like me, someone who can take the reins and lead my team with knowledge and power. I want to welcome our new Spa Manager, Dineo Senosi to the family at Woodlands.  She is wonderfully warm and welcoming but takes no prisoners.  Basically, she is a mini-Me. Dineo has been in the industry for 16 years. She is goal-driven, attention to detail, and ensuring the Spa has an environment that invites a luxurious and professional approach, ensuring your needs are our first priority at all times.

She brings knowledge and expertise to help our team evolve and move forward with the vision of Woodlands.  She brings fresh new energy making your visit to Woodlands something out of the ordinary.

Just a quick brag

Remember I told you that we were nominated for the Haute Grandeur Hotel and Spa award for Best Day Spa in Africa?

Well, we won!

I want to thank my amazing team, your continued passion for our clients and the spa is unwavering and is truly an inspiration.

We also have some exciting announcements in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled to our social media pages!

Have a lekker November!

Love, Tania

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