November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

The end of the year can feel like the final few miles of a marathon, with your body and mind yearning for a break from the daily slog. In an effort to boost my energy, I am reading Dr Ela Manga’s book, The Energy Code in which she gives great guidance on identifying factors most likely to lead to burnout, as well as some ways to detect and prevent it.

I have noticed a shift in my energy over the last month, I have been sluggish and feeling less motivated to do the things I have to. I am battling to get to the gym on time, and when I do, I push myself so hard that I can’t even get out of bed the next day. My memory isn’t great either, I forget to do things, answer emails. I want to eat everything in sight, I can’t keep my eyes open shortly after lunchtime already. I drink more coffee to keep going. I usually go to bed after I have finished all my work, but for some reason this past month, I haven’t even written one word for this very newsletter until Thursday last week. This is not me, I am always on the ball! What is going on?

BURNOUT!! That is what’s happening!!

But the end of the year is different. Detecting burnout is not the issue. Neither is prevention. You are at mile 23 and your lungs are bursting, your legs are cramping, your mind is in a jumble, and you just want say, “Beam me up, Scotty.”

Yet, just as the marathon runners make it to the finish line, so can you. Here are some ideas that work:

Just say no!

If you’re high-achiever like me, you’re probably used to doing everything you’re asked to do and doing it well, but each time you add a new commitment or responsibility to your plate, you’re adding stress into your life. So, try something new. Resist the urge. Just say no.

Prioritise self-care!

We all know that it’s essential to replenish your physical and emotional energy. Improving your ability to focus by prioritizing good sleep habits, nutrition, exercise, social connection, and practices that promote well-being, like meditating, journaling, and enjoying nature, seems logical, right? But how many of us do all of these things?

If you’re having troubling squeezing such activities into your packed schedule, give yourself a week to assess exactly how you’re spending your time. I like to look at my schedule closely, identify where I am wasting precious time, and re-evaluate.

Bring in the Positive, Throw out the Negative!

Positive people have a lot of energy, and their energy and enthusiasm tend to lift the spirits of those around them. Negative people tend to have the opposite effect; they drag you down. So a great way to reduce stress in your life is to hang out with as many positive people as possible and remove the negative people from your life. These might seem simple, but if you make these choices daily, you will soon realise that you CAN and you WILL lead a less stressful and more rewarding life. Or, just come and spend that new free time with us and take advantage of our wonderful November promotion.


Then, I have some VERY exciting news to share:

Woodlands Spa competed in the HAUTE GRANDEUR GLOBAL SPA AWARDS and we WON!! Best Day Spa in South Africa and Best Country Spa in South Africa.

We are so very proud and it gave us all the energy we needed to push through for the final stretch of the year!!

I have also been busy formulating my very own product range, Gajah, and the first retail massage oils appropriately named Let Go (muscle relaxant oil blend) Relax (Relaxing oil blend) and Heal (Energising oil blend) will be on our shelves before the December rush, so if you are feeling burnt out, why not come and purchase any one of our new massage oils to LET GO. RELAX. HEAL.

Our big launch event for Gajah will be held early next year when hopefully our massage balms and body butters as well as scrubs have been formulated, packaged and packed and will then also be available for online ordering through our website.

I wish you all a blessed November and may you have the energy and the strength to push through the last few miles of this year. Be mindful of detecting where you are wasting your time and make the wise choice each and every day as to whether you are enriching your life by doing those things or not.

Love, Tania

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