May 2020 Newsletter

May 2020 Newsletter

Don’t let Lockdown lock you down

It feels odd that we celebrated Worker’s Day on Friday the 1st of May when so many of us have not been able to work. Our country is still very much in lockdown and personally, have I been feeling as if this lockdown, is now starting to lock me down.

Over the course of the last two weeks have I gone into a somewhat downward spiral; I could feel myself slipping down the slope I knew too well. I was overcome by fatigue, over-emotional, and struggling to get up in the mornings. I recognized my own responses to stress and anxiety and knew that I had to get back on track.

Everyone has their own response to stress and anxiety, but when we understand the patterns in ourselves, can we respond intentionally. Just as we have had to make drastic changes to our lives to stop the spread of the virus, do we need to take urgent steps to safeguard our mental health too.

So I thought I’d continue where I left off in my March newsletter (Life is tough but so are you) – and share some of my tips from the past to keep you strong and positive – and to remind myself of them again as well.

1. Tell yourself something positive every day.
How you think about yourself can have a powerful effect on how you feel. When we perceive our self and our life negatively, we can end up viewing experiences in a way that confirms that notion. Instead, practice using words that promote feelings of self-worth and personal power.

2. Write down something you are grateful for.
Keep a gratitude journal or write a daily gratitude list. Generally contemplating gratitude is also effective, but you need to get regular practice to experience long-term benefits. Find something to be grateful for, let it fill your heart, and meditate on it.

3. Focus on one thing (in the moment).
Being mindful of the present moment allows us to let go of negative or difficult emotions. Start by bringing awareness to routine activities, such as taking a shower or eating food. Paying attention to the physical sensations, sounds, smells, or tastes of these experiences helps you focus.

4. Get some exercise.
There are many online yoga classes (for free) which helps tremendously to keep you on track or go for that walk in the morning between 6 and 9am.

5. A healthy balanced diet with enough water intake as well as enough sleep also keeps the wheels from falling off in stressful times.

6. Find someone to cry with
So many people that I interact with say that being positive is the only way to get through this pandemic. But what do you do with the waves of grief that sometimes overtake you? What about the magnitude of the suffering that this virus is causing? We need a good cry with someone and then go back into our confined worlds, cleansed and ready to find the sunshine again.

If you happen to know someone who’s going through a really tough time during this lockdown period, feel free to share this with that very special person, and remember, don’t only focus on stockpiling your essential medical supplies like sanitiser and masks. You also need to build your internal stockpiles so that you can build your mental resilience.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a special prayer for my team. May all of you be kept safe during this time. May you stay healthy and strong in order to return to our sanctuary, to do the work we love, and live out our passion by providing an experience like no other for our guests when this is all over.

I would also like to wish all the mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday the 10th of May.

Are you wanting to give the gift of relaxation this Mother’s Day and not spend a fortune? Buy one of our Lockdown vouchers
– (she is going to need it after this)

I have added another one for the month of May – Buy a R750 voucher and only pay R500. Vouchers will be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and can be redeemed on any of our Treatment Menu items.

We cannot wait to spoil you in Level 1.

Love, Tania

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