May 2018 Newsletter

May 2018 Newsletter

It is the Month of Mothers and on the 13th we celebrate what they mean to us, how they have inspired us, and we thank them for the tireless effort they have put into raising us.

I am very blessed to still have my mom, and I realise that many people aren’t that fortunate. I am truly thankful for being raised by a strong woman, as I can’t give enough empathy to those who were raised by a mother who didn’t care.
Many times, we reflect on our childhoods and wonder what brought us to this point in our lives. I can, without hesitation say, that all of the lessons I have learnt and the memories I have made always make think about one thing in particular: how blessed I am that I was raised by a strong mother. This month’s newsletter is dedicated to my own mom.

Here are the top three reasons why being raised by a strong mother made me a better woman.

1. Having a strong mother helps me raise strong children.

What I mean by this is that strong women cannot help but radiate confidence and strength. Young girls and boys often look up to their moms (whether they want to admit it or not). When these young women and men see a strong, independent mother, they naturally follow suit. Children do what we do, not what we say.
My mom probably asked God every single day for guidance raising me, as I am pretty sure she was never ready for this strong, independent girl she was raising.

2. Having a strong mother forces you to have higher standards.

Mimicking a strong woman who, like my own mother, has moved mountains for her children and done the impossible makes children see that anything is possible and that anything worth doing, is worth doing impeccably. My Mom is one-in-a-million woman and I cannot let her down. She has worked too hard and sacrificed too much for me not to succeed. Like I said, having a strong mother forces you to have higher standards.

3. Having a strong mother makes you more caring.

How can a woman so strong be so gentle, caring, and loving? My mom is living proof of that. The strongest women are often the most generous, tender, and sweet. Having a strong mom proves that I can be loving and gentle while still being a force with which to be reckoned.

So, this Mother’s Day I want to say: Thank you to my mom, and I hope God keeps you around for a very long time still, because without you, I might not survive raising my own “incredibly strong, born conscious, wild and free” daughter and “deeply sensitive gentle giant with a heart of gold” son. I am out of my depth, I was never ready….. lol

Mom’s come in all different forms, some we are born to, some we are adopted to and some just take on the role of leading others who lost their moms.

Why not spoil the Mom in your life this May with our spectacular promotions?

We will be running a special Mother’s Day promotion which will only be valid on Mother’s Day.

Anel has also decided to extend her Microblading April promotion for the month of May too.

We are all born creative, yet somehow during our adult lives this can become stunted. Creativity is about more than painting and drawing, it helps us figure out solutions to problems, it helps us unwind and connect to our inner and true selves. So, we are partnering with Eleen Polson, a psychologist, and holding an ‘Explore Expressive Arts Therapy’ workshop. The workshop will incorporate art, music, movement, mindfulness, and creative writing. Through creative expression, you will gain, to name a few:

The ability to more effectively communicate, both verbally and non-verbally.
Interration of emotional, cognitive, and physical functioning.
New ways to practice self-care, as well as personal expression
Insight into creative blocks and how to overcome them.

This workshop is CPD accredited:
SACE (teachers) – 5 points
HPCSA (mental health practitioners) – 3 points

Date: Friday, 25 May
Time: 09:30 for 10:00 to 14:00
Investment: R750 (includes all art materials, snacks, and lunch)
To book, please contact Eleen Polson on 072 212 1719 or

To read up more about all that she offers, please visit her website at

Our Massage Sunday’s are BACK by popular demand.

Book a Swedish 60 min full body couples massage session on a Sunday and only pay R800.
Book now for this Sunday – limited availability or 010 010 5026

May you have a blessed month as we move into winter, luckily the weather has been on our side thus far.

Yours in love and appreciation,

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