March 2020 Newsletter

March 2020 Newsletter

Life is tough, but so are you!

In the February newsletter, I spoke about allowing abundance to flow through your life.  I realise that in this modern, hectic life we sometimes feel so overwhelmed that we are unable to see the proverbial forest for the trees.  This makes us blind to the flow of abundance available to us.  Couple this with the rise of mental health issues which sees people not receiving the support and treatment they need to flourish, made me aware that I need to talk about my journey.

Do you feel f****ing crazy most of the time?  Join the club

A year ago, having just been diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, I was in a complete state of tears and emotion.  I felt like my world had crashed – sounds a bit dramatic, but hey – that’s just how I felt it.  But of course, being me, I refused to take the copious amounts of chemicals prescribed to me.  I rather wanted to treat this holistically and as naturally as possible.  Thankfully I was referred to a psychiatrist who truly heard me.  I was started on a very mild medication and referred to BrainWorking® Recursive Therapy (BWRT), I saw an Integrated Medical Practitioner and started my naturopathic journey to treat my condition with natural medicine and made some serious diet and exercise changes.

Again, me being me, I tackled this problem head on.  Give me a problem, and I will do everything in my power to overcome it. Balls to the wall – no time for wallowing in your sadness – get up and shake off the dust and fight even harder to overcome it and with certainty I can now testify that it took almost a year of dedication, hard work, therapy and the right dose of medication to turn my life around.

Incredibly, my EEG last month was all clear and I moved to a very low dose of Epitec. The things I worked on in BWRT therapy last year are still under control and I feel happy in my own skin. I have made substantial diet changes and am now busy integrating a completely natural medicine routine.

There is a lesson in everything – ALWAYS

But for many out there it does really all fall apart, and you have to rebuild your life from scratch. So how do you stay strong when everything is falling apart? I can only give suggestions on what worked for me….

When I am confronted by difficulties I try and remind myself that there is always a lesson in everything that happens – this is very difficult – but crucial – remember that you can only grow and advance in life through struggle. Ultimately these difficulties make us stronger than we were before, and that kind of energy is very powerful.

Next month I will elaborate on what I’ve learnt and hopefully you will be able to use my experience in your own lives.

I would like to leave you with the following thought:

Despite the increase in mental health awareness, stigma is still entrenched. Talking about it matters, through talking we can change how people think about mental health and how sufferers deal with it.

Work is one of the main causes of mental health problems, and for many, mental health awareness in the workplace have yet to see the light.

I have been talking to a few healthcare professionals in the last month or so about running workshops specifically aimed at mental health awareness. Please Email me if you would be interested in attending one of these or would like to contribute.

Enjoy March (last bit of summer) and make the time to spoil yourself with one of our promotions. I would love to meet you.

Love, Tania

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