March 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 Newsletter

Can you believe how quickly this year is going? It’s March already, and I sure feel like I need a vacation, but more specifically, the more rare occurrence, the holy grail of vacations, dare I say it? The MomCation!

So-called MomCations have been making headlines recently, and like so many other parts of motherhood, what works for one mom may not be a fit for another (and that’s totally okay). MomCations can simply be a choice, not a controversy.

Well, I can tell you one thing, I went on a MomCation last year around this time of year to visit one of my best friends in Cape Town for a few days – without even knowing it was a so called MomCation, I just booked my ticket, spur of the moment decision, and went, and I can tell you one thing… all these psychologists who are now recommending that mom’s go on these MomCations are really onto something and here’s a few reasons why:

I think time away is very important to remember who you were before becoming a mom. I was a very adventurous, independent person before having my kids and I feel I need that kind of time to remind me that I’m still me, just with two small children.

Most mom’s do need a break, though, and no one should be shamed for taking a trip and leaving the kids at home with the other parent, or grand parents or babysitter. It may be what that parent needs to prevent parental burnout, never mind working mom’s who need to recharge from working whilst parenting.
Basically burning out at home can be more devastating than burning out at the office, so parents should do whatever they need to prevent it.

Taking a MomCation can help mom reset, but also reset how the family sees her.

Her spouse and children may have a better sense of how much she does and accomplishes on a daily basis. It is critical for children to see that balance modeled for them and to carry that into their own child-rearing in future years. Ultimately, this may help children garner even more respect for their mothers according to psychologists.

My newsfeed is full of these mom’s going on MomCations, and not just anywhere, Mauritius for like 10 days or New York for a week. I mean really?! Where do these mom’s find the time to take off work, never mind the money and willing spouses to babysit? (well, technically it’s not babysitting when it’s your own children), so I have an even better idea, why not take a mini MomCation?!

For the months of March, April and May I have put together a MomCation Retreat at Woodlands Spa. A two day retreat only for… you guessed it.. mom’s!! YAY!. And here’s the catch, the more mom’s book together, the lower the price goes, so round up all your mom friends and come and enjoy this time away to replenish your body, mind and soul at Woodlands Spa.

SCIN Aesthetics at Woodlands Spa is running this unbelievable micro needling promotion for the month of March. Book a package of three treatments for only R2500 which includes post treatment care cream as well. I try to have a session at least every 8 weeks and my skin is looking absolutely amazing. Contact Anel for bookings on 063 692 0665 or

Then, I have some very very exciting news for April, Woodlands Spa is expanding, we are opening a training college, so keep your eye out for my April newsletter where I will be telling you all about Woodlands Academy!

Have fun this March and please take those MomCations, you will love yourself for it! Drop the Mom guilt. Seriously, drop it! Leave it on the plane or in the car or wherever. As a mom, it is always hard for us to leave “our responsibilities” without any guilt. But the truth is, that trip wasn’t just for me. It was for me to come back to my children and be a better, clear headed, refreshed Mom.

Lots of love, Tania

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