March 2018 Newsletter

March 2018 Newsletter


Positive change ensures growth however it can often feel like an uncomfortable process and to be honest is often a scary experience. Dismantling old beliefs takes courage and strength. There are so many positive changes happening in South Africa – not only in Government, with a new President and another Cabinet reshuffle, but also within various organisations, our homes and indeed in the hearts and minds of every heart that beats in our beautiful country.

As the owner of Woodlands Healing Spa, I am implementing changes within my own business, and WOW, we are already reeling with excitement. As the leader, it is my responsibility to lead every individual within my team, to greatness, to reach their own full potential thus benefiting the organisation as a whole. Change is about taking risks to be your true to self and at Woodlands we ensure that each staff member is given the room to grow and improve in the only way we believe, in which to effectively grow our team to be part of one of the best spas in the country. Changing and shifting roles within the internal structure, bringing in new experienced people to train and share their skill set, thus recognising the full potential of each individual to reflect a hyper transparent successful environment, which is imperative for the integrity, longevity and wellness of our working environment and everyone that works at Woodlands Healing Spa. Each individual in any organisation requires RECOGNITION which is the key to running a strong recognisable brand that will create trust with every client that walks through your doors.

Some leaders struggle to lead their teams to greatness, some people are placed in management and leadership positions, but their teams don’t know how to work together to get the jobs done. Leaders have been so caught up in archaic indoctrination and with the world becoming more mindful, we have so many tools to transform our businesses into more sustainable environments with meaning, to achieve greatness.

Tips on leading your team (and yourself) to greatness:


Instilling a new culture and mindset with inclusion, flexibility and innovation. Agility and flexibility are the only ways in which to create the organisation of your dreams. Stop thinking “out of the box”, kick the box away.


I’ve heard it many times: “I send my staff on training, I nurture them, and then they leave. So I’m not doing that anymore.” My view on this is very different to this mindset, in fact, it’s quite the opposite and also talks to flexibility. Think of it like this; you have a child, you invest so much time teaching and nurturing them. Then when they are ready to leave the nest for bigger and better things, are you going to stop them? No! See yourself as a core of inspiration.

The same lesson applies to the team within your organisation, teach, counsel, nurture and when they reach a level where they are too ‘big’ for their current role, either move them up or refer them to an organisation where they will further strive and grow, it is their journey and destiny to reach their full potential with no stagnation within your working environment.

Only through positive change and growth, can success be achieved.


We make friends and build strong relationships with our ears. Are you completely aware of the very relevant undercurrents in your organisation? Are you using your own intuition and are you open enough to hear what is NOT being said? Larger companies, like ABSA, were recently brave enough to show their openness to change by attending a recent “Future Shift” retreat at Woodlands Healing Spa. They were so open and progressive enough to see the need for each department to be aware of the changes required for them to achieve success. They learnt how to really listen, negate any fears and truly lead their teams (and departments) to greatness.

Manage the Change

As I’ve said, change can be a daunting process but if your intentions are not clear, it can lead to jealousy, in-fighting, and fear, reassurance that they are being recognised and built up for the best career to match their passion according to their purpose. Identifying each individual’s passion and purpose is a sign of a great leader.

There have been a lot of empowering changes at Woodlands and we are seeing it. Everyone still has a job, they just have different roles and responsibilities. That is why there is a cross pollination of skills – our therapists can make the meals on the menu, the chefs in the kitchen are able to massage. If one of the cleaners isn’t mopping the floor and the phone rings, she is able to answer it.

We all jump in as and when it is necessary, a sign of great teamwork. I would like to personally thank all of my staff members for the success we are building together, through the counselling, training, whereby I will ensure that you are led by the right people for you to transform with the skills and experiences now available to you. At Woodlands we ALL welcome new staff, partners, suppliers and guests with open arms, with no judgement and with open hearts.

If you are the head of an organisation, or a team member seeking mindful greatness, looking for a new soulful “TeamBuilding” retreat , please contact us so we can help you, as we have helped many companies and individuals recently, through our various modalities, to always achieve their personal best!

No person can manage all things, it takes teamwork, that is why it is imperative to support and build up those around you too, to reach their full potential with passion and purpose.

Share your vision with your team, don’t be surprised at how much you may learn from them.

Yours in Greatness, Healing and Relaxation

Love, Tania

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