June 2022 Newsletter

June 2022 Newsletter

Walking – The best exercise ever

Walking has many great health benefits, the best of which is the power to walk away from people and situations that no longer serve you, whilst walking towards your true higher self.

Can you believe it’s June 2022! The month where we celebrate Global Wellness Day. Do you know what is really good for your overall wellness? It’s the ability to walk away from anything that taxes you mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.  

This is especially hard to do when dealing with people who don’t respect personal boundaries. Why don’t you start by accepting that you can’t control another person’s behaviour, so detach yourself instead.

  • Don’t participate in unproductive conversations
  • Decline invitations that involve spending too much time with them
  • Don’t react to their disrespectful behaviour
  • Walk away
  • Hang up the telephone (politely)

Setting boundaries can be seen as selfish as we have been conditioned to believe that we are meant to be ‘good people’ who ‘help others’.  This thinking is detrimental and can sometimes be dangerous.  How many people stay in abusive relationships, these could be marriages, work, friendships, or family settings because they don’t want to say ‘No, this is not ok and doesn’t sit well with my soul’?  This can also be bound by fear – what if they leave?  What if I’m lonely? 

‘What if?’ are possibly the two most damaging words in any language. 

If someone is hurting you physically or emotionally, putting some distance between you and this person is necessary. Regardless of what others may think or say, you don’t have to continue relationships with anyone who makes you feel not good about yourself.

Family and friends should lift you and support you, not leave you depressed, anxious, angry, or confused.

A friend of mine recently told me of a friendship she had made in childhood, which has spanned over 30 years.  This friendship reached a point where it was purely draining, there was a great deal of betrayal constantly over the years, but my friend – let’s call her Jane, thought that because of this history they held, this friendship was worth suffering through.  The last betrayal rippled negativity through Jane’s life, and she decided that this relationship was not worth keeping.  This was 4 years ago, and she felt the relief almost immediately.  In the last week, the friend – let’s call her Brenda, reached out and invited her on Facebook.  Jane accepted but had an uneasy physical reaction.  So, after accepting the request, she unfriended Brenda within a few hours. 

She walked away, again to protect her newly found, and earned peace of mind. 
In order to walk away, we must let go. We must respect ourselves enough to walk away.

A lot of walking away will do your life good.

Walk away from arguments that lead you to anger and nowhere. Walk away from people who deliberately put you down. Walk away from the practice of pleasing people. Walk away from any thought that undermines your peace of mind. Walk away from judgmental people, they do not know the struggle you are facing and what you have been through. Walk away from your mistakes and fears, they do not determine your fate. The more you walk away from things that poison your soul, the healthier your life will be.

Remind yourself you’re in charge!

How you approach your personal boundaries is really up to you. Difficult people want you to believe that you’re just over-reacting or being too sensitive. And that’s ok. Let them think that. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them or allow them to violate your boundaries.

When you have controlling people in your life, it’s a good idea to examine three areas; TIME, SPACE, and ENERGY, and identify which area is most valuable to you and adjust accordingly.

Asking yourself questions is powerful.

My challenge to each of you during June when we celebrate Global Wellness Day.

Three questions you can start asking yourself:

  1. What time limit do you want to set, and what works best for you? For example, how much time are you willing to spend with them. Whether that be in person or over the telephone.
  2. How much of your space are you willing to share? For example, maybe you have a friend or family member who always turns up unexpectedly and overstays their welcome.
  3. How much mental and emotional energy are you willing to invest? For example, a friend is going through a difficult time and is constantly in touch and off-loading onto you.

Looking after your emotional wellbeing should always be a priority and boundary setting plays an important one in the self-care role.

In celebration of this concept and of Global Wellness Day on the 11th of June, our ‘Let Go’ half-day experience is marked down to the old price of R1150 per person!

This will also be valid for bookings on Father’s Day which is on the 19th of June 2022 – in case you need the reminder.

Think positive, do good, take care of your energy, and “let go” of anyone who has no respect for your boundaries. 

Love, Tania

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