June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” – George Bernard Shaw.

As I celebrate 6 years of having the privilege of recreating Woodlands Spa, I’m reminded of where I’ve been and where I’m going.  As we head towards Father’s Day, it seems only right to thank my Dad for raising me to be independent, fearless, and head-strong.  Possibly not the easiest to raise, but definitely the attributes any parent wants for their children. So Dad, thank you for your love and patience, your unwavering belief in me, and your constant support.

We live in hectic times, and it is easy to become flustered and overwhelmed, but if we stop to smell the proverbial roses, we are able to pay attention to our souls and listen to the whispering voice leading us to do what is right.

By being aware of who we keep in our space, who we let go of, and what the ultimate journey for our life is, we are able to still the thundering uncertainty of life.

When you are busy creating yourself, do you have a clear vision of the life you are building? Can you see the finished product? Or are you just trying to push puzzle pieces into random places hoping they might fit?

We have the tendency to place ourselves within boundaries, this mindset causes us to settle for the lowest level of our potential. But if you have a clear, detailed picture of what your life can look like, one in which you’ve already attained your goals and deepest desires, will this mental image help you understand what you really want!

Create your vision
Creating a vision of the future is a process that begins with you identifying what’s most important to you. It begins with describing the life you want without sparing the details.

At the core of all of that, is personal development. This is ongoing, no matter what stage of your life you’re in. Why? Because this is what’s going to help you become the best version of yourself, personally, professionally, socially, financially, and of course, within your relationships. I truly believe that we are all capable – and worthy of – an extraordinary life. We can make all of our dreams come true – but not by wishing, by taking action. Start writing that story.

Meditation has helped me in my process, and with everything in life, knowing what works for you individually is key to success.  Meditation is a skill that is open to every person. By knowing how to quiet your mind and soul you are allowing wisdom, peace, and love to flow in.

I’ve recently met with Katherine Porter of Changeable Coaching. In addition to life coaching, she is a meditation guru. She has the following to say:  ‘The world is crazy. And it isn’t going to get any easier. Having a regular meditation practice can assist in making the challenges a bit more manageable. It won’t take the challenges away but it can assist you in how you relate to them. The process involves learning to recognise patterns of thinking and feelings and eventually being able to see them for what they are without getting too caught up in them. The sessions are tailor-made for what you need, how much time you have available, and finding ways to make the practice more consistent.’

To help fit the pieces of your puzzle, you are welcome to attend one of her sessions, either as an individual or part of a group. This life-changing opportunity could be just what you need! 

June promises to bring you many opportunities to create the life you desire. Remember to spoil that special person you call Dad and also have a look at our new “bestie” Experience listed below!

Love, Tania

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