June 2018 Newsletter

June 2018 Newsletter

June is a beautiful month in which to transform your overall wellness. In winter many of the summer habits are forgotten under the layers of clothes, the delicious winter food, and that many of us are susceptible to the germs floating in the air. These issues make looking after your overall wellness even more important than in the glorious summer months.

Global Wellness Day, celebrated on 9 June, is a special tribute to the importance of physical, mental and social well-being and living well.

There is no question that looking after your wellness is worth it. The only question is whether you’re going to do it today or tomorrow. Before you decide, remember that tomorrow never comes.

Improving your health and wellness can seem like a daunting task, especially if you know you have some bad health habits to break. But, several improvements you can make today will result in tremendous health benefits.

It starts with you, you have more control over your health than you think you do.

Here are some steps you can take today that can have a positive impact on your overall health and wellness.

  • Increase your water intake — 60% of your body weight is water. Your body depends on water to carry nutrients to cells and to flush toxins out of vital organs, so getting the right amount of fluids each day is crucial.
  • Exercise — Exercise reduces your risk for chronic disease, improves balance and coordination and helps with weight loss. Exercise is a key part of living a healthy life. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym, you just need to move your body.
  • Adopt the Mediterranean diet — The Mediterranean diet is a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, and fish. The results of numerous studies show long-term health benefits to adopting this way of eating.
  • Have your cholesterol checked — You might be surprised to learn that you should begin having your cholesterol monitored by a doctor from the age of 20.

There are so many things we can do to improve not only the length of our life, but the quality of those years. Don’t wait. Commit today to making a few small changes and see how they improve your health over time.

Our June promotion is a good way to kickstart your winter wellness with this immune boosting treatment:

As we celebrate Father’s Day on 17 June, I am reminded how blessed I am to still have my dad around. At the age of 70 he is still fit and healthy, he goes to the gym at least 4 times a week, he has donated over 95 units of blood and, as you are reading this newsletter, he together with my mom have just attended a 1960’s music festival in Matjiesfontein this weekend called The Cooked Sister III.

My dad in the 70's

My dad in the 70’s

Here are a few attributes I have gained by having him as my dad:

I learned very early to trust my gut, my knowledge, my opinions and, my intellectual skills. I would not bend to the simple argument of authority, but by rational and logically sound arguments, enlightening arguments. In adult life, that has put me on a collision course with other people, but it has also opened lots of doors.

I think I’m also a resourceful person. I’m able to connect with people pretty easily, because I was always taught that we’re all the same, deep down. Everything was an adventure growing up, from going on beach holidays every year to being taught how to drive, he always made it fun. There were always people at our house for dinner parties, weekend pool parties and still to this day, there is always music playing in the house. I guess I inherited my social butterfly aspect from him.

I think the upside to my upbringing was an awareness that you could make choices with your life. That there were alternative lifestyles that you could choose and create. It also left me with an interest in the wider world and a willingness to explore. Yet, the darker side was the toll the freewheeling culture took on my parents’ generation. A number of his friends didn’t live to their 60s. Yet, there is a lesson in everything, and perhaps this is why looking after my wellness has become a priority in my life.

My Dad has always encouraged open and honest conversations. To this day, I can go and tell him all my thoughts and worries and stress, sometimes he responds, other times he just listens. These conversations are followed up with a WhatsApp containing an inspirational quote pertaining to the conversation.

So, for this Father’s Day, I have decided to put on promotion one of my dad’s favourite treatments at the spa.

From previous experience the spa is not particularly busy on Father’s Day, I think it has something to do with the fact that dads would rather spend the day with their families, whom they don’t see that often because of work constraints than taking the day to visit the spa. Why not gift your dad a voucher for a 60 min massage, that he can use at a later stage at his own discretion?

Here ‘s a link to our online shop, and our 60 min massage is on sale for the month of June if you enter the promocode word FATHER2018 on check out, you will receive 20% off.

Also don’t forget our SUNDAY MASSAGE PROMOTION – book a couples 60min full body side by side massage and only pay R800 for both – usually R1200. Only valid on Sundays!

My wish for you this start of winter is to make subtle changes to your lifestyle, drink more water, eat more fresh seasonal fruits and veggies and put on some music to dance to get some exercise, and you will soon reap the rewards.

Keep warm
Love, Tania

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