June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter

In nature, Winter is the season of rest, where everything appears frozen and dead. Yet, in reality, these months of slumber are preparing for the blossoming of Spring. Winter is also a time for reflection and stillness,where we are called to look into our depths in order to reconnect with our inner being. The colder, darker, shorter days can be trying both mentally and physically, and the temptation to hibernate can become overwhelming. Proactively taking care of your holistic health will ensure a smoother journey through the colder months, with less chance of colds and flu in preparation for the glorious days of Summer.

Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels within the body and soul, enhancing and re-balancing the various energy centres.  Stress reduction and relaxation are two of the greatest health benefits of Reiki,  these trigger the body’s natural healing abilities (immune system), whilst assisting a more restful sleep and therefore improving overall health.

The 60 min Energising Aroma massage is done with specific essential oils that boost the immune system, helping fight off pathogens and stimulating the lymphatic system.

For those of you that think its voodoo, I can assure you it is not, I too was a sceptic.  For the most part, all you feel is a warming sensation over your skin, but for me, with a very busy lifestyle, juggling workload, exercising, social life and kids, it is about re-centring myself and allowing my centres of energy to be realigned. Following a Reiki session, I feel able to take on the day with a sense of contentment and calm.  In addition, I have not been sick in a long time, and I do think this is a direct result of this treatment.

Exploring Bravery through incense making

Bravery provides the building blocks for Courage, and with so much in life requiring moments of personal courage, we are offering a unique opportunity for you to create your own scent of bravery. This workshop, inspired by ancient Japanese tradition, allows you to spend a morning finding the elements that make up your own incense.

When: Saturday, 8 July 2017 from 09:00 to 12:00
Where: Woodlands Spa, R114 (next to Avianto), Muldersdrift, The Cradle of Humankind
Cost: R2,500 per person

Co-facilitated by Elaine Rumboll and Marisa Farinha-Lloyd

To book for this workshop please email elaine@creativeleadershipconsultancy.com.

I hope you all keep warm and hydrated and if you are hesitant to visit us during winter because you think it’s too cold to go to a spa, let me remind you that we have infra-red heaters in all of our change rooms and treatment rooms, making sure you don’t feel the cold when coming to spend the day with us!

May you tune into your energy this month and remember that it all starts in the mind!

Think positive, do good and take care of your energy!

Love, Tania

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