July 2021 Newsletter

July 2021 Newsletter

You’ve likely heard the saying: “know your worth, then add tax”

Some of you may have seen my recent Instagram post where I talk about how refreshing it is to know my worth.  It took deep bravery to post those pictures. I felt vulnerable and scared, but then reminded myself that I can’t live my life worried about others’ judgement.

Once you know what you bring to the table, you take your power back.

I used to suffer from low self-esteem. I used to love others strongly, too strongly perhaps, to the point where I put them on a pedestal and required their love and validation to feel okay about myself.

I told myself I was difficult to love because I think and feel things deeply. I can give love all I want, but I battled to accept it if, at my core, I did not believe I was worthy of it and so the following quote rings true: “we accept the love we think we deserve.”

Do you rely on validation in your relationships? I certainly used to. How can you give yourself validation, affection, love, attention, and belonging? What can you do for yourself, not contingent on anyone else?

You can start prioritizing yourself!  The following helps me:

  • I say “no” a lot more now.  Remember that when you say “no”, you do not have to give a reason.  You do not have to justify yourself.
  • I practice healthy boundaries in all of my relationships.
  • I fall short on a daily basis and forgive myself for being human.
  • I will not allow my shame to tell me I’m not good enough or too much.
  • I journal on an (almost) daily basis and always include gratitude and affirmations.
  • I laugh at myself.
  • I ask for help.
  • I try to remain teachable every moment.
  • I find room for growth and fill it with self-love and compassion.
  • I try my utmost to practice what I preach.
  • I acknowledge the flaws, embrace them, lean into them, and write them all down.

What I’ve learned above all else, is that human beings connect via their imperfections.

Give yourself the gift of self-love. You cannot accept anyone else’s love if you don’t believe you are worthy of it anyway. Stop looking outside yourself for anything to fill the gaping hole inside of you.

You are worthy! Everything you are looking for is inside of you already. Your job is to find out what is blocking you from tapping into that internal light and love and break through it like a glass ceiling.

This week I found that I was questioning my worth and needed to check myself. I know that it is not always easy to see your value every minute of every day because “shit” happens, and it is in those moments that you need to build yourself back up. There will never be another you, and that is your power. I hope this newsletter reminds you of that.

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I hope that you will love yourself deeply and make time to spoil yourself by visiting us. You’re worth it.

Love, Tania

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