July 2017 Newsletter

July 2017 Newsletter

Winter has a bad rep – possibly the most hated season for most of us born in the Southern Hemisphere. Every winter we start the traditional rant about the long, dark, cold days. The winter solstice, the year’s shortest day is luckily behind us. The chilly season has always been the enemy to us, with our pampered South African skins. As I said in my last newsletter, winter is a time of hibernation and reflection, which is ultimately about finding a balance.

We live in a manic world – drive, work, drive, fetch kids, make supper, sleep, repeat…. If this was an ideal world, we would be able to be at the spa weekly, but for most of us this isn’t possible, so I thought I would share some tips on how to keep yourselves nurtured during this time where we don’t even want to remove our socks for a pedi.

Danes, named the happiest people in the world by the 2016 World Happiness Report, and their long tradition of celebrating all the positive effects winter has on our body and soul. Since the ranking came out early this year, the world has been introduced to the Danish concept of hygge (pronounce hoo-gah), the art of making and celebrating a cozy life and the philosophy that makes Danish people even happier when days are getting shorter.

Think of hygge as winter’s silver lining. Shorter daylight and freezing temperatures force us to spend more time indoors and give us the opportunity to slow down, listen to our body, pamper, nourish, and soothe. If summer is the loud, show-off season, winter is definitely the quietly confident season of beauty. So, get ready to put some hygge in your beauty routine and have the happiest—and most beautiful winter ever.

Add some nourishing aroma oils to your bath water every day.

Prevent dry, cracking, rough winter skin with a daily warm oil massage using organic coconut oil or a body balm. Right after you shower, apply warm organic oil to your skin. Rub in well like a moisturizer, making circles over joints and long strokes over long bones.

Daily massage not only leaves skin radiant and supple but helps enhance circulation (great for cold hands and feet!), settles the nerves, and calms the mind. It’s the perfect body-mind remedy for the cold, stressful winter months, and it supports good sleep and reduces tension.

With your feet hidden away in boots all day and comfortably wrapped in socks at night, it may be easy to forget about the body part that keeps you connected to the ground. Often neglected, our feet walk an average of 8,000 to 10,000 steps every day and stabilize our entire body. They also have over 7,000 nerve endings, which explains why pedicures make you feel so good.

Remember our spa and mindful teambuilding sessions where we take you on a unique journey inviting you to experience living a more mindful life, introductions to unique sets of life-changing mindfulness skills so powerful they have been medically proven to alter the shape of your brain.

For more information send an email to conference@woodlandsspa.co.za.

Why not join our Breath Work workshop on Saturday the 29th of July from 14h30 till 16h30. At a cost of  R350 per person it is a great way to introduce yourself to this practice hosted by Dr Ela Manga who has just released her first book. www.drelamanga.com/the-energy-code/To make a booking for this workshop or to order her book, please email dr.ela@healingatwoodlands.co.za.

I pray this winter be gentle and kind–a season of rest from the wheel of the mind.


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