February 2024 Newsletter

February 2024 Newsletter

Embrace Love This February: Special Promotions & Personal Reflections

Dear Woodlands Family,

February is almost here, and please excuse the cliché but it is the month of love.  This is my absolute favourite time of the year. It’s a season to celebrate love in all its forms – romantic, platonic, and most importantly, self-love. This month at Woodlands Healing Spa, we’ve tailored special promotions to honour this beautiful sentiment. I had to ask myself:  where do we feel the most comfortable and safe?  The answer, I decided, is for most of us, at home. 

A Personal Journey: Building a Home Within

Based on the sentiment above, coupled with the book I’ve recently finished reading “Welcome Home” by Najwa Zebian, I wanted to explore this concept.  This book takes a powerful look at the importance of building a home within us. Too often, we seek comfort and validation in others, forgetting that peace, true and long-lasting peace, comes from within. This message resonates deeply with me, especially as Valentine’s Day approaches.

While I adore this day of love, it also brings a bittersweet feeling. Finding someone who truly adds to your life, and who sits with you in your darkest moments, is a rare gift. As Najwa Zebian beautifully puts it, building a house with someone is easy, but building a home is a different journey altogether. It’s about connection, growth, and shared vulnerability. 

Celebrating Love in Every Way

Couples’ Promotion: In this modern age, where we are on the go constantly, our valuable relationships may sputter. Rekindle the spark with our couple’s spa promotions. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time with your significant other and unwind together.

Galentine’s Day Promotion:

Who says Valentine’s is just for couples? Gather your gals (or boys) and treat yourselves to a day of pampering with our Galentine’s promotion.

Express Promotion:

When asked: Who do you love the most?  How many of us will mention a family member or friend? I’ve learned along the way, and through many trials and tribulations, that the answer should be: ME! Our express promotion is designed for anyone needing a quick yet rejuvenating escape.

One Night Stay Retreats – Healing and Transformation

In line with this theme of inner growth and healing, I’d like to remind you of our one-night stay retreats. These retreats are an opportunity to silence your inner critic and transform it into a voice of strength. Through activities like yoga, meditation, reiki, bars brain flow therapy, and our newly added Acudetox sessions, we guide you on a journey to discover and heal your core wounds. It’s a chance to shift from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can, and I will.’ Visit our website link here to see all our different retreats on offer.
What’s New and Exciting
Membership Programme: Our exclusive membership program is now live, offering a range of benefits and special access to our facilities. Click here to learn more.
New Conference and Yoga Space: We’re thrilled to announce that our new conference and yoga space is ready! Check out our corporate packages for a unique blend of business and wellness by clicking here.
Aesthetic Facial Day (24th Feb): Join us for a day of beauty with 30% off dermaplaning and microneedling when you bring a friend. A perfect opportunity to bond and beautify!

In this month of love, let’s remember to cherish those around us and, most importantly, ourselves. Whether it’s through a relaxing spa day, a transformative retreat, or simply a moment of self-reflection, let’s embrace love in all its forms.
With love and warmth,

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