August 2021 Newsletter

August 2021 Newsletter

Balance, Beautiful Balance

As we move into Women’s Month, the balance of Yin and Yang, Positive and Negative, Feminine and Masculine will each gradually gain momentum and focus. A common misconception is that these energies are based on gender, but they are not. They are based on shifts in energies, creating this balance.

Irrespective of whether you identify as male or female, a balance of both energies within you empowers you to be confident yet generous, artistic yet objective, striving toward your dreams while being grateful for what already is there. Too much of the one or too little of the other may hold you back from being that great partner, entrepreneur, athlete, parent, wherever your focus may be. Both energies offer their own set of gifts that are available for you to tap into and embody.

Feminine and Masculine

Traits that are most often associated with the feminine are for example connection, empathy, nurturing, and emoting. She flows and changes like a river with a diffused awareness. Embracing details and intricacies, she is born to receive.  She is more identified with her feelings, flexible, and creative than her male counterpart. She has the power to rest, stop, observe, connect with nature and others. Feminine energy is getting in touch with our instincts, emotions, and is associated more with “being” than “doing”.

Qualities that tend to be seen as more masculine will embody traits such as drive, focus, assertiveness, and confidence, set up for success in business and the corporate world. Masculine energy is consciousness as solid as a riverbank. Male thoughts are identified as singularly focused on goals, future, security, protection. purpose, productivity, and fulfilling a mission. Masculine energy is the push, the drive forward. It is rational thought, objectivity, the pursuit of knowledge, and the desire to constantly do better. It is associated with “doing”, rather than “being”.

Every individual has both energies at different levels at different times, even changing from day to day.

What is your ideal balance?

We are made up of energy encompassing both masculine and feminine -yin and yang – can’t have the one without the other. Ideally, a 60/40 split seems an ideal balance depending on which focus you are most comfortable with. As a heterosexual female, I am dominantly feminine. Leaning too much towards the masculine will deem me unbalanced.

To be strong, fearless, and goal orientated, I need the masculine energy, but just enough to not overpower the feminine in

Likewise, men, who are grounded in their masculine energy, need to be able to tap into their feminine energy, when needed, to remain in balance.

Things you can do to tap into your feminine energy include dancing, long hot sensual candlelit baths, doing something creative like painting or writing, or just relaxing with a good book. Fortunately, lockdown allowed me to give myself that much-needed personal attention – that “love yourself” feeling sparks feminine energy!

When I do these feminine recharging practices regularly, I feel more radiant, replenished, and attract my desires more easily into my life. It allows me to step into my masculine energy in business without feeling depleted or hardened.

When we embrace our feminine energy, we nurture ourselves with harmonious energy which leaves us more likely to contribute meaningfully at work, at home, and in society.

The South African context

Nearly 38% of households in South Africa are headed by women. They largely – or solely – support the home financially as breadwinners. That amounts to nearly 6.1 million homes!

Being one myself, simultaneously managing a household and leading a growing team at the Spa, I regularly need to tap into my feminine energy to maintain balance. Too much emphasis on masculine energy in the workplace can so easily become a mask that makes it hard for me to genuinely connect with others.

In this fast-changing world and accompanying uncertainty, people are increasingly working more than ever and de-prioritizing their enjoyment. They achieve much but love too little and this imbalance causes them to be increasingly stressed, rigid and losing their flow.

If you spend your entire life sprinting towards an imaginary finish line, without stopping to smell the roses you will have lived an empty life with many regrets. Do not wait for the “when” you hit your financial goals, or that “one day” when you can live your life on your terms. You need to reward yourself along the way. Besides, you deserve it!

Get out there and spoil yourself this Woman’s month with a visit to Woodlands Spa!

Love, Tania

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