April 2022 Newsletter

April 2022 Newsletter

Music soothes even the savage beast, or so we’re told.

I did one of those fun quizzes on Facebook a while back, ‘Every Girl has an 80s song’, and it got me thinking about what our ‘songs’ say about us.  We all have memories attached to music, when you’re feeling sad, what song brings you up? What song makes you cry?  What is your ‘fight’ song?

Bringing music into our lives and souls allows us to reach the deepest part of ourselves, heal the hurts, and throw off responsibility for a moment or two.  In the quiz on Facebook, my song came up as ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, although these are just for fun, the results were quite true to me. 

If someone plays the same song for a group of people, each person will have very different memories and emotions that come up for them.  This beautifully illustrates the importance of remembering each of us has our own path, we can’t compare ourselves and our journeys to other people. 

As we head into winter, where most of us prefer to hibernate, put on some music and explore the journey you take through your playlist, write it down, keep it safe, and try this again in a few weeks.  

Each piece of music has its own unique tempo, the rate at which the notes are played.  Your healing journey also has its own rate and pace.  You are unique, and your journey is your own, note the tempo and listen to your soul.

Whether you tap your foot or get up and shake your booty, music leads us to move in some manner.  This is true for our body and soul connection, movement is not about the length of your strides but that you just keep moving.

The subtle balance of instruments and voices in a piece of music creates the song, just in the same way that we need to balance work/life/self-care/friends to create a safe and fulfilling life space.

So, take the time to reflect on the songs that fill you with any kind of emotion, think about those feelings and memories, and this will help you identify where your journey is taking you.  It will also help you identify the people who add to your life, and those who drain the life out of you.

Remember, this is your journey! Welcome this new month of April with your heart wide open, ready to explore and receive and tune into the frequencies of your soul. 

Love, Tania

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