April 2021 Newsletter

April 2021 Newsletter

Autumn is the perfect time to get your cocoon ready for winter.

Summer is slowly fading away and becoming ­a distant memory as we are moving into autumn. Our Southern Hemisphere winters are not as severe as in the North, but we still moan like crazy when the weather turns a bit chilly. Thankfully for us, sunshine during winter is still abundantly available, so we generally do not suffer as badly from fatigue and depression as our Northern Hemisphere counterparts.

Instead of bemoaning the oncoming colder weather, am I getting my cocoon ready, so during winter, I can focus on metamorphosizing into a butterfly.  This process of metamorphosis is fascinating, from an average caterpillar turning into a gorgeous, majestic butterfly. Each season brings with it an element of change, reconnecting with myself, and focusing on self-care.

So here goes my plan to ready my cocoon for winter!

  1. Practice self-love

We are, as I have said in many a newsletter, taught from a young age to be kind, look after others, treat them with love and respect. This is even more important for yourself. From a personal perspective, take time out, even if it is for 10 minutes a day, to just focus on breathing. Turn your phone onto airplane mode, turn the radio off, and lock yourself in your bathroom if need be, and be still and quiet for that time. It is amazing what those few minutes a day will do for you, spiritually and physically. Breath is, after all, the giver of life.

  1. Journal

Keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings will help you to work through them and record how you have grown. Seeing the behaviour and reaction patterns will help us to identify the direction where we should grow and enforce personal boundaries.

  1. Boundaries

Setting and keeping to these personal boundaries lead to a healthy lifestyle. You cannot be of any help if you are fatigued. This is especially true now that we are all suffering from “Covid fatigue”, and we just want our lives back. But be careful, as you invite people and things back into your life just because you felt isolated, or followed old familiar traits. Saying no to previous agreements does not make you seem like a bad person, but in fact, it shows a sense of self and inner strength.

As you can see, our growth is a cycle comprised of many elements and actions, not following a typical timeline.  As Bruce Springsteen sings: “One step up and two steps back”.

When we do fall, we will never know our true self unless we get up and continue with renewed strength.

Enjoy the journey with our amazing April Promotions.

We are open 7 days a week, including all public holidays in April, and look forward to welcoming you.

Love, Tania

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