April 2018 Newsletter

April 2018 Newsletter

Good afternoon beautiful guests.

I’ve decided to wait with the April newsletter, as this long Easter weekend not many people read emails, so we are a few days behind April fools day, nonetheless, here goes… hee hee

It might be the day of jokes and pranks, but what I want to tell you in this edition of our newsletter is the TRUTH. Our Promotions are also irresistible and once in a lifetime deals. So, let’s begin where it all started….

The vision of Woodlands Spa.

Woodlands was created with the intention of being a holistic retreat space, a place where people could be treated mind, body, and soul. If something is wrong in your life or if you suffer from anything and you go the conventional route, only the symptoms are treated, not the cause. No one really treats you as a whole, and that is what we are, we are whole beings, made up of energy as well as flesh and blood. That is the aim of Woodlands, to treat you as a whole, in a living, breathing space.  When anyone walks through our doors, they can feel it.

And I know that for a fact, because Woodlands transformed me. I had to let go of all my past suffering and pain which manifested in my organs.  This manifestation of the emotional caused me to have kidney disease (one which doctors told me I was born with), and after the birth of my daughter in 2013, I landed up in the Cardiothoracic ICU with heart failure. I was always tired and out of breath, I never exercised, I didn’t eat enough, and when I did eat, it was unhealthy.

I think that in order to survive this world, you need to show bravery and commitment to what and who you are.  But to fully embrace who you are, you must encompass all aspects; body, mind and soul. Believe me, I went the conventional route, I spent years at doctors and they only treated my symptoms, they never treated me as the whole being I am.

That is why, since 2001, my vision for Woodlands has been to create a space where total holistic healing happens. Woodlands started off as a dream, whilst in my final year at college, one element of my thesis was to design a holistic retreat spa. I didn’t create Woodlands, that credit is due to two very powerful women who came before me, Mary Farinha and Marisa Farinha  Lloyd, who still work closely, guiding and mentoring me, but the day I entered Woodlands, everything just made sense in my world, and I could see the project coming to fruition.

We opened our guest house on the 31st of January, called – Space Between. Go have a look at our Facebook page and watch our launch video.  Woodlands is now a complete space, a calm, flowing space, filled with nourishment, essence and love, where you can come to completely Let go, Relax and Heal. Where there will be people who can hold you and guide you on your own path of transformation, of self-discovery and we have a lot of these incredible workshops lined up for the year.

We harnessed the energy of the Super blood blue moon that only occurs once every 150 years on the 31st of January 2018 to set the intention of Woodlands Spa being the number 1 holistic retreat spa in the country.  We are just so overwhelmed by the love and support so far. Thank you.

I also used the energy of the super moon to set the intention for my own life, that I will be healed completely, and I have to let go of everything in my life weighing me down. I believe in God, and I believe in the Devine, and He created the moon and the stars, so I believe in their power too. The moon has an impact on everything around us, it predicts and changes weather patterns, the full moon happens every 28 days, exactly like a woman’s cycle. You feel it’s change and power in every area around you, so why not harness it to set an intention for yourself that is so big, so powerful?

In my experience, setting intentions and having a clear vision for you life works. Especially if you believe in them with everything inside of you, like a religion. But there are things you need to let go of in your life to be able to have your intentions manifest. Past experiences hold you back, they make you live in fear. And unless you can stand up and release those from your life, they will keep on weighing you down.

I was so afraid of what people might think of me if I stood in my truth. Yet, I have healed myself with the power of energy, mindful food, and exercise, and of course a lot of faith in God. I do regular breath work, reiki reflexology sessions and my new favourite modality brain flow access bars therapy with Chantall Maskell.  I have monthly sessions with our resident mindfulness coach and holistic mentor Wanita Sparrow.  I try and eat a clean healthy diet most of the time (I still fall in the trap of having red meat, fish and chicken, and boy does my body let me know that it doesn’t like it)

I have not been to a conventional doctor in 2 years, I only see Dr Ela Manga at Woodlands, my children too have reaped the benefits. I have not had to take as much as a Panado for a headache, and that was one of the only things I was allowed to take, as any scheduled drug stronger than that affects my heart. And that just gives me the knowing belief, deep inside of my soul, that a holistic lifestyle actually works.

My next step to transform Woodlands into the space required, is to change the menu.Alexandra Sparrow from ‘Alexandra’s Healthy and Delicious’ is in the process of taking over our restaurant.  She is a trained vegan chef, with experience in 5-star restaurants across the country, and she is busy putting together a completely new menu. Everything will be organic, free range, and we will have many vegan options, with freshly squeezed juices made with superfood ingredients, to feed our guests’ whole being. (she is keeping some of the old favourites, so don’t fear, hee hee) and it is medically endorsed by Dr Ela Manga.

My own range of authentic natural body products, which I shared the story of in the November newsletter, are on our shelves and being used in treatments at the spa. I am busy transforming the name and logo as it’s not really resonating with me, but that’s a story for another day.

I firmly believe that the only reason Woodlands is such a success is because of the team I have around me.  All of us want to see each other succeed, we help and motivate and continually nurture each other.  We are strong and empowered individuals, both the men and the women, and only with people like this will our world heal.

So, I invite you to take some time out for yourself and come visit us, soon!

Our April promotions are unbelievable!


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